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SRC’s goal is to establish partnerships with our customers in order to provide the best possible service at the lowest possible prices. We stand by our commitment to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations at every juncture. We have implemented a quality management system that is second to none and take great pride in supporting our customers however, wherever, and whenever they need it the most.

At SRC you are not just another customer or number, but become part of a winning team that will support your needs through the products and services we provide.

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Injection Molding

Injection Molding Machings

Injection Molding Machings

SRC has various injection molding machines ranging from 90 to 300 tons. We operate both hydraulic and electric machines with the capacity for hot and cold runner systems.

SRC has a fully staffed engineering department to aid in the development of prototype and production tooling.

Prolonged tool life is ensured with our routine maintenance program for every tool we process.

Hot Stamping

Hot Stamping Machines

SRC has both vertical hot stamp and roll stamp machines. These machines have the capacity of printing 360° with dosage markings, product information and/or company logo.

Our quality control program will verify the location of each dosage marking on a routine basis to ensure continued compliance. 


Assembly Machines

SRC has several high speed assembly machines specifically designed to accommodate minimal effort for a large return. This cost savings is passed to our customers. 


Wrapping machines SRC has several high speed wrapping machines with the capacity of wrapping individual pieces, individual products with directions and multiple products in the same package.

SRC presently stocks a large variety of clear film sizes to accommodate small and large products. Custom film with customer logo is also available upon request.

SRC has installed laser printing technology onto the high speed wrapping equipment that can be programmed to print product description, part number, lot number, etc.

SRC has two horizontally fed bag sealing machines for packaging small quantities of products. These machines are equipped for sealing bags or pouches.Top

Die Cutting

Die Cutting

Die Cutting
SRC has two die cutting presses used for punching either sheets or rolls of foam, gasket material, plastic sheeting or balsa wood.

SRC has a 60 Ton Hydraulic Press with an 18” x 24” surface for die cutting unique configurations out of a sheet of material.

SRC has incorporated a 30 Ton Beam Press with a 32” x 32” surface for die cutting unique configurations out of either sheets or rolls of materials.


Sewing Machings SRC has installed two sewing machines with various capabilities for sewing a plethora of small products. We have implemented various procedures for processing foam, cloth inserts and straps, ties, restraints, etc.


Engineers for new product development

Medical Supply Manufacturing
SRC has a fully staffed engineering department to assist in the development of new projects. Our years of experience in the development of prototype and/or production tooling can be a vital additive to any initial design concept.

SRC’s various maintenance programs ensure that all equipment and/or tooling, both SRC and customer owned, is processed at optimal operating conditions to ensure efficiency and to prolong the life expectancy of the process.


Quality Management System

ISO Certification

SRC is an ISO13485 registered company. We have implemented the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for both Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals wherever possible and have also implemented the requirements of Canadian Health and the European regulations for CE Marking.

SRC takes great pride in our ability to do the job right the first time and have consistently maintained facility wide, less than 2% scrap rate for several years. Top

Customer Service

Customer Service SRC takes great pride in our personal communication with our customers. This allows us to better understand our customer’s needs and assists us in meeting our goal of 100% customer Satisfaction.
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