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General Capabilities

SRC Medical offers complete product development capabilities which cover the entirety of your project – from custom design and optimization to concept development and modeling, through prototyping and full-scale manufacturing. SRC’s general capabilities span virtually all aspects of custom plastic injection molding, including the initial stages of product development as well as value-added services like hot stamping, turnkey assembly, and product wrapping.


Design Services

Our company assists in the development of innovative design solutions for custom injection molded products. From the initial concept and idea generation to optimization in design for manufacturability (DFM) and custom prototype development, we are here to ensure that your project is served with the efficient, quality-focused and sustainable product designs possible.

  • Idea Generation
  • Form Development
  • 3D CAD Models

Manufacturing Capabilities

SRC Medical provides complete contract manufacturing capabilities for injection molded plastics – from plastic and thermoplastic custom molding solutions to hot stamping, component assembly, and wrapping.

  • Plastic Injection Molding
  • Thermoplastic Injection Molding
  • Hot Stamping
  • Turnkey Assembly
  • High-Speed Wrapping

Additional Capabilities

In addition to the above capabilities, SRC Medical can assist with the concurrent engineering aspects of your project while handling various aspects of technical support to ensure your project remains running as smoothly as possible.

  • Concurrent Engineering Design
  • Technical Support
  • Overall Product Support

Lead Times

We provide the quick turnaround and short lead times that are demanded by today’s state-of-the-art medical sector and other highly competitive commercial industries.

  • Lead times for standard projects: 8 – 16 weeks
  • Lead times for special services: Uniquely quoted on a job-by-job basis

Innovation in Molded Products Manufactured According to the Latest Materials Science

From design to prototyping to full-scale production, SRC Medical delivers the single-source product development, engineering, and manufacturing services required to streamline your project from start to finish.