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Quality Injection Molded Products for a Diverse Range of Industries

SRC Medical is one of the nation’s leading injection molding companies for the healthcare industry, pharmaceutical sector, and beyond. While our forte is the manufacturing of high-quality medical devices and various specialized healthcare products, our company also provides custom injection molding services for the aerospace and defense sector, food and beverage packaging, plastic automotive parts, and more.

Medical Devices

SRC Medical knows that the medical industry has exceptionally high standards which demand precision, consistency, and the highest quality possible in manufacturing. Our company is ISO 13485 certified and backed by decades of combined experience.

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Pharmaceutical Products

We work with leading pharmaceutical companies to develop custom medical components for large pharma companies, hospitals, and pharmacies worldwide. Our custom pharmaceutical products include dropper assemblies, and other quality-engineered injection molded plastics.

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Consumer Healthcare Products

SRC Medical provides suppository applicators, tablet applicators, vaginal cream applicators, and glass or plastic droppers to the consumer healthcare industry. We provide value-adds such as wrapping, part marking and decorating, and assembly.

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Food and Beverage Packaging

SRC Medical provides custom injection molding and custom dropper assemblies for the food and beverage industry. We are registered with the FDA as a contract manufacturer to meet the industry standards of ANSI, AWS, FDA, and ISO.

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Aerospace and Defense Components

Our company is a top plastic injection molding service provider for the aerospace and defense sectors. We understand the nuance and complexities of engineered plastics required.

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Injection Molded Automotive Parts

SRC provides superior injection molded plastic components for the automotive and recreation industry. Our products offer the precision and low-cost scalability that today’s automobile manufacturers and part providers demand.

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Custom Packaging Solutions

We provide quality injection molded packaging services at SRC. For projects large & small, our injection molding presses are ready for production at any scale.

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Over Half a Century of Quality and Innovation in Plastic Injection Molding Services

Our company has served the medical, healthcare, and pharmaceutical sectors for well over 50 years, evolving into one of the nation’s leading providers of custom injection molded plastics. Along the way, our experience and ingenuity has helped us break into various new and state-of-the-art industries – including military, defense, and sustainable packaging solutions for food products and consumer goods.



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