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Medical Device Plastics Prototyping Services

SRC Medical’s in-house manufacturing equipment and engineering skills are used to produce rapid plastics prototypes, such as 3D printing, CNC and injection mold tooling. We offer the capability to manufacture custom prototypes that resemble and feel like finished goods, assisting designers in advancing design while determining the form, fit, and function of a product.


Rapid Plastics Prototyping and Product Validation for Precision Medical Devices

Having the capacity to create prototypes and conduct design changes in-house helps to reduce costs as well as speed up and simplify the development process. Product evolution from the prototype stage to manufacturable assembly happens through multiple iterations of medical device design services, refinement, and evaluation. Our project team will have the specs and initial supporting test data for a working product at the conclusion of this phase.

Our Plastics Prototyping and Product Development Processes:

  • Create medical device product concept.
  • Design medical devices with 3D software.
  • Prototype medical devices using rapid prototyping technologies.
  • Validate medical device design via testing.

Complete Testing and Regulatory Compliance for Medical Prototypes

The medical devices must be tested to ensure they are safe and effective. We provide medical device design services for medical testing, size requirements, clinical trials, etc. Our medical devices can also be designed using materials that are tested in accordance with ISO 10993 standards (biocompatibility testing).

Generally speaking, medical device validation involves clinical tests of the medical device to demonstrate that it is safe and effective for medical use. SRC’s medical device design services help you keep your product quality high. Our medical device design services provide complete medical devices and medical products that meet or exceed customer expectations.


Quick-Response Prototype Manufacturing for the Medical Device Industry

SRC Medical is ideally positioned to serve all of your medical device engineering and manufacturing requirements. Our 80,000+ sq.ft. manufacturing facility is equipped with twenty-five injection molding machines, five hot stamp machines, multiple robotic assembly machines, and four high-speed wrapping machines. Our in-house machine shop gives us the ability to maintain and prepare custom tooling, ensuring the highest quality possible in manufacturing.

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