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Wholesale Medical Tablet Applicator Supplier

SRC has developed custom styles of medical tablet applicators to accommodate most round/oval and straight-edged tablets.

Custom Medical Applicators in Bulk Quantities – Pre-Assembled and Packaged

We have designed the tablet applicator tooling to accommodate minimal changes to meet the needs of a unique tablet as may be requested by our customers.

The 020 series tablet applicators are a two-piece design that are pre-assembled and packaged in a configuration determined by the customer consisting of singles or multi-packs.

Quality-Engineered Tablet Applicators for the Pharmaceutical and Consumer Healthcare Industries

SRC Medical’s complete range of custom medical applicators are a safe, sanitary, and cost-effective solution for wholesale customers throughout the healthcare industry. We are based out of a c-GMP-compliant manufacturing facility in the United States, utilizing the latest technology and production equipment to ensure superior quality and consistency.

Our dedication to quality and innovation has made us a trusted provider to the medical, pharmaceutical, and personal care industries. Choose from a variety of custom medical applicators that are readily available or rely on a wide variety of components and decades of experience to custom-build an applicator for your application. If you need wholesale applicators or custom solutions, contact SRC today.