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Dropper Assemblies and Applicators for Pharmaceutical and Consumer Healthcare

SRC Medical manufactures a full range of glass and plastic dropper assemblies including custom configurations, as well as medical applicators for various pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare applications.

Custom Dropper Assemblies

Custom medical dropper assemblies produced in several varieties of bulbs, caps, and pipette materials to suit a variety of specific medical applications.

Glass and Plastic Dropper Assemblies

Wholesale glass and plastic dropper assemblies used for precise liquid measurement, standardized and manufactured to meet all required cGMP guidelines.

Wholesale Suppository Applicators

Four custom styles of suppository medical applicators ranging in tip size, accommodating virtually all minimal changes to meet the unique sizing requirements of our customers.

Wholesale Tablet Applicators

Three custom styles of medical tablet applicators to accommodate most round/oval and straight-edged tablets.

Vaginal Applicators

Quality CE marked medical applicators for vaginal use, ensuring all products meet the required sanitary, safety, and performance requirements.

Medical Cream Applicators

Incorporating the standard design of a 16-pitch thread with a sleek profile to eliminate excess material, our vaginal cream applicators are engineered for quality, consistency, and ease of use by the end user.