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Custom Dropper Assemblies for Medical Device Applications

SRC Medical is a leading provider of custom dropper assemblies for Medical, Beauty, and Personal Care. We stock several varieties of bulbs, caps, and pipettes.

Droppers are the ideal dispenser for precision, ease and safety in its use.

Droppers are the most suitable packaging for low viscosity formulas that allows to dose the product drop by drop, applying it only where it is needed and using only the product that needs to.

Pipette Options for Custom Dropper Assemblies

Pipette Materials

  • Plastic: Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) and Clarified Polypropylene
  • Glass: Soda Lime or Type III And Borosilicate or Type I

Pipette Lengths

  • 41mm – 117mm in Plastic
  • 42mm – 130mm in Glass

Pipette Shapes

  • Straight or Pointed Tip Pipette: Available in both Glass and Plastic
  • Blunt Tip Pipette: Available in both Glass and Plastic
  • Stub Tip Pipette: Available in Plastic Only
  • Bent Tip Pipette: Available in Glass Only

Cap Options for Custom Droppers

Cap Material

  • Polypropylene

Cap Standard Colors

  • Black
  • White

*Color Match Available

Cap Styles Available

  • Child Resistant
  • Tamper Evident
  • Fine Ribbed
  • Smooth Wall

Medical Dropper Bulb Options

Bulb Materials Available

  • Dry Natural Rubber
  • Medalist (Monprene)
  • Santoprene

Bulb Colors Available

  • Black
  • White

Bulb Sizes Available

  • 8cc
  • 1cc
  • 2.0cc and 2.5cc upon request

Additional Add-ons Options

  • Individually Wrapped
  • Printing- Hot Stamped Calibrations, double sided-prints, logo’s, etc.

The Leading Manufacturer of Custom Dropper Assemblies for the Pharmaceutical and Consumer Healthcare

SRC Medical ideally positioned to serve all of your medical device engineering and manufacturing requirements. Our 80,000+ sq.ft. manufacturing facility is equipped with twenty-five injection molding machines, five hot stamp machines, multiple robotic assembly machines, and four high-speed wrapping machines. Our in-house machine shop gives us the ability to maintain and prepare custom tooling, ensuring the highest quality possible in manufacturing.



Custom Dropper Assembly