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The Advantages of Plastic Injection Molding for the Modern Medical Industry

Plastic injection molding has become one of the primary production methods used in today’s medical manufacturing space. Modern medical providers have increasingly turned to injection molding companies for the rapid turnaround and cost savings that we can provide. However, the advantages of plastic injection molding reach much further than that: the process provides the ultimate level of design flexibility combined with high precision and high repeatability. These are all crucial qualities to have in the development of complex, highly customized medical devices common throughout the industry.

How Plastic Injection Molding Services Benefit Modern Medical Manufacturers:

High Precision, Consistency, and Repeatability

Our plastic injection molding services provide the high level of precision and consistency necessary to take on today’s medical manufacturing projects. Quality is more crucial than ever in the medical field where even small variations can have significant health consequences to the end user. Tight tolerances and geometric consistency must be achieved with absolute repeatability, ensuring uniformity of one medical product to the next.

Complex Design Flexibility for Medical Devices

Injection molding allows us to accommodate intricate shapes and complex product designs. Moreover, it facilitates the iterative modification of designs for prototyping and product development. This flexibility is invaluable for creating custom medical devices or components tailored to specific application needs.

A Wide Material Selection

A wide range of medical-grade plastics can be used in injection molding, including many biocompatible materials. Manufacturers can choose materials that are suitable for their unique sterilization methods to suit a wider range of medical applications. In other cases, higher quality or more cost-effective materials can be utilized by testing multiple iterations of the product.

Shorter Lead Times and Rapid Turnaround

Injection molding is relatively fast when compared to many conventional or traditional manufacturing processes. Injection molding companies are able to take advantage of the process’ simpler setup and short cycle times to deliver rapid turnaround – even for new, highly customized products. Just-in-time manufacturing and a reduced time to market are just two of the supply chain advantages that result from injection molding efficiency.

Regulatory Compliance and Quality Certification

The modern medical industry demands the highest quality possible, often necessitating specific regulatory compliance. The injection molding process is tightly controlled and documented, ensuring compliance with these challenging regulatory requirements, such as the FDA and ISO standards. SRC Medical is an ISO 13485:2016 certified medical manufacturer in addition to numerous other medical compliances.

Quality American Medical Manufacturing Since 1972

One of the greater Massachusetts region’s leading medical manufacturers since 1972, SRC Medical is an ISO 13485:2016 certified company specializing in custom injection molded products. We are backed by more than half a century of innovation and experience in quality American medical manufacturing services.